Scope of Works

Fibre Laser Engraving

  • C.A.D Programmed
  • Rotary Axis 3.0 mm to 130 mm Diameter
  • Does Bar Codes for Stock Control for any Buisness type
  • Engraves with an accuracy of .0001 to a depth of 25.00 mm. Engraving produces No Burring
  • Engraves Stainless Steel. Titanium , Low Carbon Steels , High Carbon Steels , Quenched and Tempered Steels , Copper , Brass , Chrome Molybdenum and Inconel
  • Have successfully engraved Surgeons Instruments, Tagging for Pipe Lines in the Mining Industry, Knifing, Sports Trophys, Automotive, Hot Rods and Vintage Motor Bike Instruments, Tools, Spanners and Dash Board items
  • Capable of Large Quantities for Example - Abattoir Knifing
  • Will Import in Digital Format Images of any Design and also Design Images. Bitmap and Vector Digital Files - Preferred.
  • X Axis - size is - 100 x 100 mm
  • Fitting and Turning Services available
  • Roll Forming of Plating available for Pipe Line Labelling
  • Will ship to any part of Australia