3 psychological reasons why custom engraved awards are important for any team


The key to motivating people is recognition and reward – that’s why customising your trophy engraving is so effective for boosting team morale, confidence and productivity, whether in the classroom, on the sports field or at work.


Rewarding excellent results psychologically primes individuals and teams to repeat the behaviour that led to those results – countless studies have demonstrated that if you recognise and appreciate people, only good things occur.


In the workplace, thoughtful recognition of a job well done leads to a decrease in stress, absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover, while competitiveness, loyalty and productivity skyrocket. At school, recognising and rewarding good behaviour leads to increased attentiveness, learning and test scores.


For sporting and social clubs, studies have shown similar results in team achievement.


But why is it that custom-engraving an award offers better outcomes than handing out a generic trophy? Here are three compelling psychological reasons in a nutshell:


  1. The power of personalisation. Whatever type of prize or award you choose to recognise exceptional achievements, customising your engraving makes it feel official and gives a recipient a chance to feel proud of their accomplishment for longer. Every time they see it, they'll be reminded of what they did and bask in the positive emotions that come from peer recognition. This makes it more likely they'll be motivated to maintain their winning streak. By contrast, a generic engraving received by every team member sends a message they weren't valued over anyone else.
  2. Making team members feel in control of their destiny. Every member of the team wants to feel like an individual. According to a recent study by the University of Texas, personalised experiences maintain in us a feeling that we're different from others and therefore more in control of our destiny. Psychology Today argues that this internal sense of control leads to more prosperous, healthier choices and day-to-day thinking. Award engraving is one way to spark this feeling in each of your team members.
  3. Using the psychology of relevance to your advantage. In an age of information overload, relevance is increasingly essential. Tailored touches like personalisation and custom-engraving make us naturally geared towards engaging with and remembering relevant information. On a neurological level, our brains have a reticular activating system (RAS) that filters information in the world around us, allowing us to focus our attention on what's relevant to us alone. It's like being in a room of strangers who are all talking at once – your brain will tend to tune out until it recognises a snippet of information relevant to it, like hearing your name. All of a sudden, you're minutely focussed on the person who's mentioned you. Custom-engraving trophies works in the same way. Every time you read your name on an award you reinforce the message that it conveys – in this case, that your peers agree you are a successful person. You're therefore likely to be equally successful in the future.


Customising trophy, award or medallion-engraving with a personalised message does more than look great – it can have long-term positive effects on recipients, too.