Believe it or not, the following items can be engraved!


With the introduction of fibre laser engraving or using a laser to etch and mark bare metals, wood and plastics direct from a graphics software program, it's now easier than ever to mark engineered plastics with your logo or watermark, etch barcodes, serial numbers and images into most metals and more.

But there are some talented people out there who are doing genuinely amazing things with laser metal engraving now. Here are just a few projects to consider:


  • Engrave your business cards. For a statement guaranteed to make your business stand out against the crowd, why not fibre laser engrave your business cards? You can create any design you like in wood, metal or plastic for an effect your clients aren’t likely to forget – and they’ll last a trip to the cleaners, too.
  • Customise wine glasses. A lovely, personalised wedding or birthday present for someone who has everything, you could add names, unique designs or pretty much anything your imagination comes up with for glasses of all shapes and sizes. They look more impressive than a standard store-bought version, too.
  • Groomsmen gifts. Continuing the wedding theme, fibre laser engraving a waiter’s friend with salient details of your big day would make a fantastic thank you to your best man and groomsmen for standing up with you when it mattered most.
  • Personalise cutting boards, wooden spoons and rolling pins. If you've got a committed cook in your life, what better way to show how much you appreciate their skills than create a set of cooking implements that's theirs alone? You can also create specialised tools for stamping phrases, names or logos into pastry – an excellent idea for Christmas-themed cookies.
  • Label your jars. Still in the kitchen, you could also think about engraving any kind of glass container, so you can quickly identify what's inside. Think spices, jams, chutneys and baking ingredients – it's a great idea for gifts, too.
  • Give Fido a unique collar. Laser engraving makes short work of ensuring your pup’s collar will get him home safe and sound. You can add elements in the finest detail, so anyone finding your errant dog will know exactly what to do. And he or she will be looking super chic in the process.
  • Signature stamps. Got a lot of documents to sign? You could cook up an exact replica of your signature on a graphics program, send it to your fibre laser engraver and get it etched onto rubber in a jiffy. No more aching wrists!
  • Shop signs with a difference. Now you’re not limited to calling a signwriter – a laser engraver can handle any size sign with aplomb. Intricate designs are easier than ever – you could even specify a version of your logo etched into stone or glass for real kerb appeal.
  • Add your mark to a felt rug. You can also use your laser engraver on textiles, to brilliant effect. While we see a lot of intricately laser-cut felt rugs on the market at the moment, they're not that practical as flooring (better saved for coasters and pot holders). But you could use your laser engraver to create an extraordinary design of your choosing on your rug, instead.