What dodgy items can you get engraved at your end of year funny awards


At your next Christmas party, work lunch and holiday break up event, reward your employees in a lighthearted, fun way that recognises their contribution to making your team great.


Giving out awards featuring custom engraving is a great way to boost camaraderie – but you don’t have to stick to the standard “Most Sales” or “Best Employee” categories. Mix it up with some ‘dodgy’ engraved items they can display proudly on their desk all year instead of those ubiquitous plaques.


Just make sure you consider each award winner’s temperament – it’s best not to convey an award that highlights a touchy subject or makes a person feel resentful.


Here’s our list of entertaining awards you can bestow at your next work do:



  1. The Scarlet Pimpernel Award. They seek him here; they seek her there – if you’ve got an employee that’s hard to track down because they’re always on the move – visiting clients, heading out to meetings, troubleshooting issues and what not, this is the award for them.
  2. The Little Ray of Sunshine Award. Who on your team can’t speak until they’ve had their first coffee? This award goes to the staff member who no one will dare approach until the caffeine hits. This can look great on a coffee mug, and it’s best to award this to someone who’s aware of their peccadillos.
  3. The Space-Time Continuum Award. There’s generally one in every team – someone whose sense of time is a little skewed, meaning they’re guaranteed to be the last one to turn up at work, team meetings, client meetings, lunch meetings … you get the idea. Think about trophies that are space-themed – a rocket, a planet, a star or a simple orb.
  4. The Cream of the Crop Award. Get a laugh from co-workers by rewarding an employee whose gift of the gab allows them to smoothly talk their way out of any problem or client issue. You might engrave this on a racing-style trophy.
  5. The Bermuda Triangle Award. Does someone in your office constantly lose stuff? Is their messy desk equivalent to a black hole? Make sure the kinds of things they lose aren’t super significant – an award for losing clients won’t go down well. UFO shaped objects might be good to engrave here. A simple triangle will do the job, too.
  6. The Pen Bandit Award. If someone’s notorious for walking off with other people’s pens, engrave a pen of their very own with this award – guaranteed to get a laugh.
  7. The Ms. or Mr Tidy Award. By contrast, an employee who’s always immaculately organised might be a worthwhile recipient for this award. You could even engrave a dustpan and brush for this one.
  8. The Sista Fashionista Award. Does someone on your team make a point of being perfectly groomed no matter what the occasion? Perhaps they take the workplace dress code to a whole new level? Items you can engrave for this award include a compact mirror or hairbrush.